Vedic Astrology Gemstones As Per Rashi .

Vedic Astrology Gemstones As Per Rashi.

As per Vedic Astrology Gemstones are representatives of a particular planet and wearing the planet’s gemstone will attract positive vibration of that planet.

People are wearing gems for strengthening various planets and for propitiation purposes.

Neelam Gemstone Blue Sapphire

The puranas present stories about the origin of gems and their relationship with the nine planets.

Wear only gems that are natural , As Flawless As Possible , Lab Certified and good color, and free of siany Artificial Treatments.

Below Mentioned are the Best Gemstones for Every Rashi or Lagna ( Ascendent Sign) .

Aries ( Mesha ) = The Lord of Aries is Mars , and Jupiter Governs the 9th House of Luck for Aries People Gemstones for Aries Rashi or Lagna ( Ascendent Sign) Persons is a RED CORAL for Mars and a YELLOW SAPPHIRE for Planet Jupiter .

Taurus ( Vrishab ) = The Lord of the Taurus Rashi is VENUS and Saturn Govers the 9th House . For TAURUS Rashi or Lagna ( Ascendent Sign) Persons the Best Gemstone is OPAL for VENUS and BLUE SAPPHIRE for Saturn for Luck .

Gemini ( Mithun ) = The Lord of the Gemini Rashi is Mercury and Jupiter Govers the 7th and 10th House of Career . For Gemini Rashi or Lagna ( Ascendent Sign) Persons the Best Gemstone is EMERALD for Mercury and YELLOW SAPPHIRE for JUPITER for Career Stability .

Panna Gemstone , Best Gemstones

Cancer ( Karka ) = The Lord of the Cancer Rashi is Moon and Jupiter Govers the 9th House of Luck .

For Cancer Rashi or Lagna ( Ascendent Sign) Persons the Best Gemstone is PEARL for Moon and YELLOW SAPPHIRE for JUPITER for Luck .

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Emerald Gemstone  is an extremely precious gemstone.
  • Emerald Gemstone  is an extremely precious gemstone. . Panna Gemstone which is Transparent without any dark specks inside is the highest quality and is priced very high . 
  • Mercury planet is Best for professional fields like banking, accounts commerce, and brings success in these Career Fields .
  • Thus Persons Working in These Fields will be Best recommended to wear an Panna or Emerald.
  • Persons Having Planet Mercury being afflicted by malefic planets and placed in weak position in ascendant are is likely to face disputes, litigation, and loss through theft, loss due to fraud, cheating and forgery. Thus wearing a Panna for Such persons is very Beneficial.
  • For Persons Born in Ascendant or Rashi of Virgo Rashi  or Gemini  Rashi This this the Gemstone for Life for them.
  • As Per Numerology  Persons Born on 5th , 14th or 23rd of any Month get Mean Evaluated Number 5 . Thus This is the Best Gemstone for Persons Born on date Totaling Number 5.
  • Children who are slow in Studies and are Unable to Pick up the Subject Fast are definitely required to wear a Panna Gemstone . This is a Good Gemstone for Education
  • Panna Gemstone is Very Vibrant and highly attractive, Panna gemstone holds a top-notch position amongst gemstone lovers.
  • There is no as such restriction that who should wear emerald stone. But its Always Advisable to Get Proper Advice from any Professional Astrologer Before wearing a Panna Gemstone.
  • In Today’s Highly Stressful and Competitive world Many People suffer from depression or mental Stress Thus they Should wear this gemstone to get rid-off depression or mental Stress .
  • Panna is Also Considered a Gemstone of LOVE . Thus Persons who are facing problems in their love life or married life can definitely wear this Gemstone this stone.
  • Persons Suffering from Negative effects of nightmares and evil spirits are invalidated by the use of this gemstone. Better peace of mind helps the person perform better and lead a tuneful and prosperous life.

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Original Panna  Emerald Gemstone for Mercury Planet

Original Panna Emerald Gemstone for Mercury.

Original Panna Emerald Gemstone for Mercury.
Original Panna Emerald Gemstone for Mercury.

Panna is a Beautiful precious stone that represents the planet Mercury, The Powerful effects of Panna Emerald  Gemstone are most popular , As Per Astrology Its is Said that They say that the wearer of an Panna Stone gets a powerful Sharp mind and Gives a Person fantastic Growth in education . Panna is Also a Gemstone for Businessmen and Helps Take Rational Decisions in business Its Very Helpful in creative fields such as writing. Panna gemstone increases the brain power, intelligence, memory, communication skills and speech. Peoples whose Mercury/Buddh is weak in their Horoscope Or Who Have Mercury in Pisces Rashi in their Horoscope Should Definitely wear a Panna. Wearing a Gemms Stone Helps You make your mind sharper.

Emerald Panna is the Gemstone which the Planet Mercury Loves . Panna Stone is Among the 5 Gems Known as the PANCHRATNA.

The finest quality Panna Gemstones are Mined from the mines in Brazil , Zambia , Colombia and east Africa. Panna Gemstone Come in Different colors and Shades of Green The color of a Panna gemstone can vary from light green Emerald , Shining Green Panna to dull green Some are Transparent and Some Panna are Opaque , The More The Transparency the More the Cost of the panna gemstone

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Benefits of wearing gemstones.

Benefits of wearing gemstones.

Astrology is a Subject which Helps Provide Many Solution to Daily life Problems . There Are Many Solutions Provided in Astrology Like Mantras , Donations Etc , One of the Most Potent and Powerful Solutions or Remedies is GEMSTONES . There Are Many Benefits of Wearing Gemstones

Gemstone are Very Powerful Remedies and wearing gemstones After Consulting with and Astrologer Can Help in Reducing Various Issues in Your Life and will help you in getting rid of various problems and reap in benefits.

Following are Some benefits of wearing gemstones:
Every gemstone represents a planet and Provides Us with Energies of That planet and finally directs it into the person wearing it.

Many Gemstones Like Ruby attacks the blockages that create poor health conditions and enhance Health Prospects of your body.

Gemstones have the benefit of relieving anxiety and stress. Its Always Recommended to Wear a Pearl to Reduce Stress and Also Helps in Controlling Temper in Short Tempered Person .

Gemstones serve as meditation tools and offer therapeutic benefits as well.

You can Contact me to know all about gemstones and the immense benefit of wearing them. I Can Guide You as Per Astrology and offer expert Astrology guidance on how to wear gemstones in the best possible way for immense benefit.

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