Astrology and Numerology Connections based on My Experience.

Astrology and Numerology Connections based on My Experience.

Being a Student of Astrology and Numerology for the Past 25 Years,

I Always Feel that There is a Strong Connection between Astrology and Numerology. I found out in a number of horoscopes that numerology is reflected in the Horoscope Matters.

Astrology and Numerology
Astrology and Numerology

Number 1 Represents Planet Sun
Number 2 Represents Planet Moon
Number 3 Represents Planet Jupiter
Number 4 Represents Planet Rahu
Number 5 Represents Planet Mercury
Number 6 Represents Planet Venus
Number 7 Represents Planet Ketu
Number 8 Represents Planet Saturn
Number 9 Represents Planet Mars

Life is a Numbers game. Numerology and Astrology offer you tools to work with your inherent strengths, tendencies, and obstacles and gives us a clear picture of our personality profile.

I Amit Lamba , Astrologer and Numerologist Try to Follow Practical Friendly , Easy to Understand the approach to numerology With Astrology so you can apply what you discover about yourself in practical ways to create improvement in your everyday life.

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Compassionate and Carings Rashis Cancer Rashi.

Compassionate and Carings Rashis Cancer Rashi.

Cancer ( Karka ) Rashi is one of the most caring zodiac signs . The Reason is That Cancer ( Karka ) Rashi ruled by the moon .

Moon Represents Mother , maternal and emotionally Vibrations. Thus Karka Rashi is Believed to be with a Strong fertile imagination, sentimental, sympathetic and talkative. are one of the most caring, warm Rashi in Astrology .

Cancer Is a Water Rashi and Believe in Nurturing and are affectionate toward others, and they Very Well take care of People around them.

Cancer Rashi People are Very sensitive to Others’ feelings, and Thus show their care and kindness through emotional connections.

All Cancer Rashi People value their home loved ones, and comforts more than anything else. Their most noble goal lies in sheltering and providing every comfort to their loved ones.

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Benefits of wearing gemstones.

Benefits of wearing gemstones.

Astrology is a Subject which Helps Provide Many Solution to Daily life Problems . There Are Many Solutions Provided in Astrology Like Mantras , Donations Etc , One of the Most Potent and Powerful Solutions or Remedies is GEMSTONES . There Are Many Benefits of Wearing Gemstones

Gemstone are Very Powerful Remedies and wearing gemstones After Consulting with and Astrologer Can Help in Reducing Various Issues in Your Life and will help you in getting rid of various problems and reap in benefits.

Following are Some benefits of wearing gemstones:
Every gemstone represents a planet and Provides Us with Energies of That planet and finally directs it into the person wearing it.

Many Gemstones Like Ruby attacks the blockages that create poor health conditions and enhance Health Prospects of your body.

Gemstones have the benefit of relieving anxiety and stress. Its Always Recommended to Wear a Pearl to Reduce Stress and Also Helps in Controlling Temper in Short Tempered Person .

Gemstones serve as meditation tools and offer therapeutic benefits as well.

You can Contact me to know all about gemstones and the immense benefit of wearing them. I Can Guide You as Per Astrology and offer expert Astrology guidance on how to wear gemstones in the best possible way for immense benefit.

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