Numerology THE POWER OF NUMBERS – Date of birth 2 ( Two)

Numerology THE POWER OF NUMBERS – Date of birth 2 ( Two) 

2-numberrNumerology is the science of the occult meaning of Numbers and the powerful influence they have on our lives. Every person on this planet is born on a certain date, & its number plays a very important role in his or hers life. One must not forget that we are ourselves responsible for our failures and success and if we understand our selves better i.e the positive and negative influences of Astro-numerology in our lives, this helps you to be in line with what nature has in store for you, thus making success eminent and with lesser obstacles.

This Week . We try to understand the Influence of Numerology on Persons born on the 2nd (Second ) of any Month.

In Numerology The Number TWO Symbolizes the Moon. Moon represents our Mind and Imagination. It Stands for Feminine attributes. These persons are mostly restless the main element of Number 2 and the Moon is water: Which is never steady. Their Qualities are more on a mental or Mind level than on a Physical level.

QUALITIES: Persons born on the 2nd of Any Month generally have highly imaginative thinking powers, As it also represents the Moon they are generally Mild manners and peace loving persons. Persons born on 2nd are always thinking or planning something. As the Moon represents the soft side of Life and Emotions, These persons generally hate bloodshed and violence. Persons born on 2nd have the tendency to give rise to unique Ideas which are associated with Idealism & social reforms.

They have the tendency to loose self confident but they do not loose hope and calm in crises. 

LUCKY DATES :  2 , 7th  , 16th & 25th of any Month.

Positive  Changes can be expected on 1st , 10th , 19th , 28th and Also on 11th , 20th & 29th .

UNLUCKY DATES :  8th , 9th , 17th , 18th , 26th and 27th are not Good for You. 

COMPATIBILITY NUMBERS: 1 , 3 , 4 and 7 numbers will be Compatible to you. 

LUCKY COLORS: White or Silver color and Light Green are your Lucky Colors. 

UN-LUCKY COLORS:  Red, Black, Brown an Dark Blue colors  are Not good for you. 

GEMSTONES : The Best gemstone for Persons born in Date Number 2 is Pearl or Moonstone.


  • Mahatma  Gandhi = 2nd Oct 1869.
  • Shah Rukh Khan = 2nd Nov 1965.
  • Mikhail Gorbachev = 2nd Mar 1931. 

By Amit Lamba   –    9819015736    /    9324012326

Astro Numerologist and Vastu Expert – Mumbai

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