Original Panna  Emerald Gemstone for Mercury Planet

Original Panna  Emerald GemStone for Mercury Planet .

Panna is a Beautiful precious stone that represents the planet Mercury, The Powerful effects of Panna Emerald  Gemstone are most popular , As Per Astrology Its is Said that They say that the wearer of an Panna Stone gets a powerful Sharp mind and Gives a Person fantastic Growth in education . Panna is Also a Gemstone for Businessmen and Helps Take Rational Decisions in business Its Very Helpful in creative fields such as writing. Panna gemstone increases the brain power, intelligence, memory, communication skills and speech. Peoples whose Mercury/Buddh is weak in their Horoscope Or Who Have Mercury in Pisces Rashi in their Horoscope Should Definitely wear a Panna. Wearing a Gemms Stone Helps You make your mind sharper. 

Emerald Panna is the Gemstone which the Planet Mercury Loves . Panna Stone is Among the 5 Gems Known as the PANCHRATNA.

The finest quality Panna Gemstones are Mined from the mines in Brazil , Zambia , Colombia and east Africa. Panna Gemstone Come in Different colors and Shades of Green The color of a Panna gemstone can vary from light green Emerald , Shining Green Panna to dull green Some are Transparent and Some Panna are Opaque , The More The Transparency the More the Cost of the panna gemstone

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