Astrology and Numerology

Being a Student of Astrology and Numerology for the Past 25 Years,

I Always Feel that There is a Strong Connection between Astrology and Numerology. I found out in a number of horoscopes that numerology is reflected in the Horoscope Matters.

Astrology and Numerology
Astrology and Numerology

Number 1 Represents Planet Sun
Number 2 Represents Planet Moon
Number 3 Represents Planet Jupiter
Number 4 Represents Planet Rahu
Number 5 Represents Planet Mercury
Number 6 Represents Planet Venus
Number 7 Represents Planet Ketu
Number 8 Represents Planet Saturn
Number 9 Represents Planet Mars

Life is a Numbers Games . Numerology and Astrology offers you tools to work with your inherent strengths, tendencies, and obstacles and gives us a clear picture of our personality profile.

I Amit Lamba , Astrologer and Numerologist Try to Follow Practical Friendly , Easy to Understand approach to numerology With Astrology so you can apply what you discover about yourself in practical ways to create improvement in your everyday life.

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Mumbai Best Astrologer Jyotish Guidance for Business Job Marriage

Mumbai Best Astrologer Jyotish Guidance for Business Job Marriage

? Horoscope’s or Birth charts reveal loads of Information encoded within your name and date, time and place of your birth.   This Information can be Decoded by A Best Astrologer Who can Provide you Perfect Guidance for Business , Job , Marriage.

? Vedic Astrology is not about just predictions but it also gives people a chance to Adapt themselves to change as seen by the Expert Astrologer in Birth chart or Horoscope Due to Change in his Dasa or Planetary Transits.

Mumbai Best Astrologer Jyotish
Astrologer Horoscope Mumbai

? Horoscopes and Kundli as they are Called Help an Astrologer Unfold your Life & unlock the Secrets. Vedic Astrology or Jyotish in a way opens up loads of scope giving you the perfect relationship advice as well as right guidelines for the right time to make right decision in career , Business , Marriage or any other Aspect of your life .

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