Why to Match Horoscope for Marriages in India ?

Why to Match Horoscope for Marriages in India ?

Horoscope Matching or Kundli Milan is always Done in India to to check the ashta-koota matching when the two people looking forward to Get Married .

Whether its Arranged Marriage or Love Marriage Horoscope Matching or Kundli Milan is Utmost Important to Understand the compatibility between the Boy and the Girl Their sexual abilities, attitudes are Matched to Find out If the Marriage will Work .

Horoscopes Matching in astrology are based on Astrology Calculations and parents believe that matching their Kundlis will bless them with a happy and blissful married life .

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Suppose the Horoscopes Dont Match then It is Believed that they Can be Disharmony in Relationships or Problems in Childbirth Depending n the Doshas in the Horoscope .

One of the Prime Important Matching is the Gana Matching : In Astrology it is Believed that marriage can be fixed between Dev and Manushya Gana.

But Rakshasa Gana is an inauspicious Gana for these 2 Ganas. It is not considered a good match if a Rakshasa gana person marries a Deva or Manushya gana person .

Thus all this above can be Checked while Matching Horoscopes to Ensure a Happy Married Life.

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