Numerology Expert Best Numerologist in Mumbai INDIA

Numerology Expert Best Numerologist in Mumbai INDIA

Numerology Expert Best Numerologist in Mumbai INDIA . Amit Lamba is Among the Top and Best Numerologist in Mumbai INDIA .

Amit Lamba Has been Consulting Since Past 19 Years and is Consulting with Top Corporates , Media Clients and Anyone who Need Numerology Consulting or Name Change Guidance.

NUMEROLOGY IS The branch of knowledge that deals with the occult significance of numbers.

A lucky name spelling can make you successful whereas an unlucky one can mar your efficiency and fill your life with miseries .

Best Numerologist Mumbai India
Numerology Expert Best Numerologist in Mumbai INDIA

Numerology deals with the nine planets Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Rahu , Mercury, Venus, Ketu , Saturn and Mars .

Each one of these nine planets is assigned numbers ranging from 1 to 9, depending on which planet vibrates to which number. These nine planets influence the human life in a substantial way.

Correct your name as per Numerology to have the most harmonious and powerful positive results. Each and every alphabet has a numeric value and when we add all this numeric values it comes to a unique total which should match with our date of birth.

By addition or subtraction of any alphabets in your current name Name Correction Name Spelling Change you can give get the most amazing and unbelievable positive results.

For Expert Name Change Numerology Guidance for Business , Job Marriage or any Other Issues.

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Numerology THE POWER OF NUMBERS – Date of birth 4 .

Numerology THE POWER OF NUMBERS – Date of birth 4 .

Numerology is the science of the occult meaning of Numbers and the powerful influence they have on our lives. Every person on this planet is born on a certain date, & its number plays a very important role in his or hers life. One must not forget that we are ourselves responsible for our failures and success and if we understand our selves better i.e the positive and negative influences of Astro-numerology in our lives, this helps you to be in line with what nature has in store for you, thus making success eminent and with lesser obstacles.

This Week . We try to understand the Influence of Numerology on Persons born on the 4th  ( Fourth ) of any Month.

Number 4 Represents RAHU in Hindu Astrology and Planet URANUS is Western Astrology.  Number four represents the common person. Persons Born on 4 are very fond of traveling and NEW Experiences in Life.  The biggest disadvantage is that they generally have a contrarian view about everything in life and so have very few friends. They are fearless and very enterprising and  not considered about other persons opinions , because of their lack of interest in others .

QUALITIES: Persons born on 4th are generally considered very strict than  than the other 4 numbers ( Like those born on  22, 13 and 31 people). Persons born on 4 are generally considered brave and emotionally strong and face challenges like warriors, the only disadvantage about persons born on 4th are that they are fond of eating and they should avoid eating excess food. Also Persons born on 4th will always have sudden events happening in their life so…  They should take in the right spirit and not get disheartened. 

Your  LUCKY DATES  are    1 , 10 , 19 , 28 .

Positive  Changes can be expected on 4 , 13 , 22 and 31st . 

UNLUCKY DATES :   8 , 16 and 26 are Unlucky dates. 

LUCKY COLORS: Light Blue . and yellow . 

UN-LUCKY COLORS:  BLACK is unlucky for u . 

GEMSTONES : The Best gemstone for you is GOMED. 


  • Louis Braille = 4th Jan 1809 . ( invented the System for the Blind to read).
  • Rishi kapoor = 4th Sept. ( Bollywood Star )
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