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Numerology is one of the Most Powerful branch of Astrology which deals with the Science of Numbers and their role in Our Lives . Name Numerology is a Ancient Science of Alphabets Numbers and their significance of a Persons Lives. Numerology is a mystical Ancient science which Helps a Person Understand the strengths and challenges in life Through His Date of Birth , It Also deals with the relationship between numbers and Certain Events in a Persons Life . Numerology is A study of the numerical value of the letters in words, names and How they Effect in a Persons Life . As a Numerology Expert , I can Help you Determine the Role of Numbers in your Life , Lucky Dates Name Change , Name Rectification as Per Your Date of Birth to Help You Lead a Successful Life .


There are Many Different forms or types of Numerology Namely Chaldean Numerology System, Pythagorean system etc But Chaldean System is the older numerology among the most well knows forms of Numerology systems




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Numerology is the science of numbers, Numerology involves simple mathematical calculations. It's more about the personalities of each number, and how each numbers traits alter the flavor of your life depending on where they appear in your personal Numerology.

Numerology is the study of the occult meaning of Numbers and alphabets and their influence on human lives. As a Numerologist, I Begin with your name and birth date. They are the database which provides an insight in your life.

NUMEROLOGY has been an part of astrology.

Numerology is the study of numbers and Alphabets and their use in daily life, It is Important to understand that the actual purpose of numerology is not to predict the future, but Numerology is used to provide you with keys to explore and discover your own potentials and destinies based on your date of birth and destiny number.

To calculate the numerological value of a name, each letter in the name is converted to its number using the table besides and then added together. The resulting number is reduced to a single digit by adding its digits together. The final single digit number is the numerological value of the name. Special numbers such as 11 and 22 are not reduced further because they are believed to have significant energies.




The universe is Filled with ENERGY – and numbers are also a Form of Energy. In NUmerology every number and Every alphabet has its own unique vibrations that creates an influence in Every PErsons Life. Therefore numerology is the study of the relationship Between numbers and letters with our personality and life events.

Thus your numerology Reports Helps Discover the blueprint of what your soul has been chosen to accomplish in this life. Another benefit of numerology is that it can uncover your destiny and life purpose Thus with this valuable information You can Immencly Benefit in Life.

Numerology and Astrology Helps

  1. To Confirm your life purpose.
  2. Revealed my future potential.
  3. Gives Direction in Life.
  4. Makes You Aware of Your Strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Helps to forecast and plan your Future.
  6. Predicting Good and Bad cycles and Plan Accordigly.
  7. Helps in Finding a suitable career.
    and Many More Benefits....

Numerology is Not About Just Predicting the future, or Finding your Lucky Numbers or Dates. It Helps You Find your potential It’s enables you to live your best life and be the best that you can be.
Another Benefit of Numerology is Name Change as Per Your Date of Birth . Since Every One can Benefit from This

Numerology: How to Calculate Birth Number and Destiny Number.

Numerology is A divine Science .It is also a study and understand the Relationship’s between all numbers. Numerology helps determine one’s value, character, and Destiny.

The Term “Numerologist” are those People who are experts in understanding numerical patterns or any Persons Date of Birth and Provide Guidance and Predictions for the same These Numbers are Taken Into account to alter The Persons Personal Name inorder to Provide a Person with Better Growth and Opportunities in Life.

There are many Types of numerology, while the time passes we have seen an enormous development and advancement that have been brought by many numerologists But Mainly 2 Types are Practiced by Most Numerologist Chaldean Numerology and Pythagoras Numerology.


As a Numerologist I can Provide you with the Lucky numbers in your daily life and Can Help You find Your core numbers that provide clues about your own life.

This Article is written to Give you a basic knowledge to Understand the concept of Numerology and set your values by calculating the numbers at home.

To start with the basic rules, allow us to describe you the easy methods of numerology which are pretty helpful for your destiny.

Find a Life Path Number or Destiny Number.

Your Life Path Number is Among the most Important core numbers. It gives you your life’s opportunity format, the path you’ll consider through life and the patterns which will form it. This particular number shows what wisdom you’ll learn, problems you’ll face, and opportunity you will get by means of an extensive outline. In the long run, it’s your approach to deviate from this number’s message, but in Numerology it’s considered that adopting the route of the Life Path Number is considered the most gratifying approach to make.

Determine Your Life Path Number

To Find Your Life Path Number, you need to add all digits in your birth date and come up with a single sum number. This approach is very simple yet specific.

Let’s assume a birthday date 21st July 1974.

Next, you need to reduce the numbers of your birth date. It is very easy to make multiple reductions of some numbers, for example, for a two-digit number you can add together both digits, e.g., 21 07 1974 = This Adds Upto Number 4 . Thus Number 4 is You Life Path Number. It’s that simple.

Know Your Birthday Number.

The Birthday Number is Of Prime Importance In Numerology . This will impact you The Most and Throughout Life, It signifies a unique numerology compatibility, as it tells you about your ability that may help you in your life path. Therefore, the Birthday Number contains a unique importance, detailing what special ability we need to bring forward.

Numerology birth date Has zero calculations , and it is just the date of your birthday. For example, if your birth dates are 30th, 23rd or 13th then you don’t need to cut the paired numbers. If your birthdate is 23rd then simply it will be considered as your birthday number. And Number 5 ( Total of 2 + 3 ) is the Most Important Number for You as Per Numerology.


Why Use Numerology To Name Your Baby And How Does It Influence Your Baby’s Destiny ?

Having a Proper Name as Per Numerology has a Big impact on a baby’s soul and affects his/her chances of success in life. The fact is that your name is knotted with your destiny. The moment you name your baby using numerology, the name is going to become his/her lifelong companion. The right name can help your baby have an idea about the goals to pursue in life. A perfect name paves the way for a brighter future for the baby.

How Does Numerology Differ From Astrology ?

Astrology is the study of planets, their movements and their influence on human lives. The calculations are based on the positions of the sun, moon, and stars at the time of a person’s birth. Numerology is the study of numbers and their influence on human lives. The calculations are based on the date of birth and the name of a person. Both astrology and numerology can offer solutions and insights into your life, provided you believe in them.

List of Number and Their Characteristics as Per Numerology.

Number 1: Individuality, Leadership, hostility, self-confidence, creativity, eagerness

Number 2: Stability, relationship, receptors, cooperation, diplomacy, tolerance.

Number 3: Self-expression, originality, inspiration, connecting, activity.

Number 4: Balance, trustworthiness, self-discipline, commitment, over-cautious, persistent.

Number 5: Modern, revolutionary, invention, journey, revolt, opportunist.

Number 6: Tranquility, empathy, support, caring, self-righteous, a debilitating

Number 7: Wisdom, intuition, spiritual techniques, logical, solo, deceptive.

Number 8: Aspirations, organization, effectiveness, productive, egocentric, materialistic.

Number 9: Kind-heartedness, enthusiasm, charitable, imaginative, egotistical, delicate.

Number 11: Experienced, idealistic, instructor, fragile, some sort of a perfectionist, aloof.

Number 22: Expert creator, truthful, sensible, quiet, drastic, sneaky.

Number 33: Master instructor, educated, relief, self-centered, preachy.

Business Numerology deals with choosing the best name for the business or Company Name. A Proper Name as per Numerology plays a Very important role and provides positive vibrations. A business name as per Numerology carries a powerful energy that can bring your great improvement and Success in Business and Make you Famous.
The letters and words part of your business determine the destiny of your business. with the Help of Name Numerology you can ensure that your business can attract better leads and thus generating more Business.

As per Numerology the Name of the Owner of the Business or Company along with his business name, gain strength over a period of time thus creating favorable circumstances for your business success. The mutual vibrations of Personal name and Business Name determine the extent of the success of your Business and Helping you Achieve Fame and Status in the Business Community.






As per Business numerology there is a very strong need for the importance of successful brand names to beat competition. Most Successful Businesses have a Famous Brand Name perfected as per Numerology on the Guidance of a Numerologist.
One Important Piece of Research which i have done and observed over the years is that most of the Successful brands are generally adding up to number 1 or Number 3.

CADBURY = 28 = 1
MICROSOFT = 39 = 3.
INFOSYS = 29 = 1
PARLE = 19 = 1
TATA = 10 = 1
HERO = = 19 = 1

In Order to run a Successful business and to avoid pitfall and get Good Profits One must ensure that you have lucky brand name as per Numerology.

Also If you are not lucky or happy with the Growth of your Brand you better change it.

If you are starting a new Company or a New Brand or Product I will Offer you our Expert guidance for having an Excellent Brand Name as per Numerology to Give you the Best Results.