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Amit Lamba and Expert Vedic Astrologer Based in Mumbai

Amit Lamba Studies your Horoscope ( Kundli ) and will offer you complete Astrology Guidance for your Career , Life , Marriage Finances or any other Aspect of your life you wish to know.

I will Offer Best and Sincere Astrology Complete Horoscope Guidance analysis and Predictions with Astrology Remedies and Gemstone Advice to help you succeed in Life .

Astrology is a wonderful science which was developed by our great sages and saints namely Parashar / Brigu etc thousands of years back .

Vedic Astrology is About horoscope Kundi or Birth charts   as its commonly know. The Horoscope or Birth chart is made up of 12 Signs of the Zodiac . Namely Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo , Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius , Capricorn Aquarius and Pisces.

The 12 signs of the Zodiac can Now be divided into masculine and feminine signs of the Zodiac . The masculine signs are Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius, whereas the feminine signs are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces.

Stock Market

Are you in a confusion about what direction or Career to take?
Are you planning to change your Career or Job profile ?
Are U Facing Disputes in office or Business .?

With the help of Astrology you can make makes sure that you do not end up in any of the above Situation . Success in Life Depends upon the Proper Selection of Career Field or Business Field . This can be very well and accurately predicted with the help of a persons horoscope.

Astrology can also be used by Persons who are thinking of leaving their Jobs and Setting up a Business.

Amit Lamba Based in Mumbai India will offer you the Best Astrology Guidance based on your Horoscope , thus helping you take the Right steps towards your Goals.

When will I meet my life partner? or When will I get married?
Everyone at the marriageable age starts to look for an answer to these questions.
Timing of marriage is a question that every man & woman wants to ask an astrologer.

Astrology or your Horoscope can very well give you proper Guidance on the Timiing of Marriage based on the Dasas and Planetory positions in your Horoscope

(1) Manglik Dosha in THE Birth Horoscope
(2) Weak 7th House lord in birth horoscope .
(3) For males : When ever the planet Venus (Sukra) is weak in Horoscope this Suggests Delay in Marriage or problems in Marrid Life . For females : When ever the Jupiter (Guru ) is week in birth horoscope this Suggests Delay in Marriage or problems in Marrid Life .
There can be many other Reasons for Delays or Disputes in Married Life which can be analyzed in the Persons Horoscope.

Prosperity & Gains in the STOCK MARKETS are also favorable for the lucky few , persons those who are born with favorable Dhan Yogas,
Using astrology Along with Technical analysis Allows a Person to select proper stocks in Good sectors most likely to outperform the market .
Can astrology really predict the movement of the markets? There are several basic strategies for using astrology with stock market investing.
The basic astrological factors for forecasting the stock market are similar to standard astrology or Horoscope readings . The constant movement of the planets through the houses and zodiac signs allows an astrologer  to predict the future trends and thus helps to forecast well in advance about the movement of the stock markets .


Most of the Marriage Break Because the compatibility or guna milan is often ignored. The Problems in married life caused due to ego clash and lack of understandings have led the masses to accept the importance of match making.
Janam Patri Matching or Kundli milan
is done before the Marriage between the Boys and Girls Birth chart to ensure a harmonious, well balanced and successful married Life.
Janam Patri Horoscope Matching is the Core reason why Indian marriages were long lasting and successful over the years compared to the Western Countries .

You Can contact me for Best Janam Patri Horoscope Kundli matching for Marriage . To Ensure a Harmonious and Happy Married Life.  

Since  Vedic times Gemstones and Birthstones have been recommended and are used by individuals to help overcome obstacles and adversities in a persons life and help achieve prosperity and good health .Gems affects the subtle energy field, which emanates from every living thing, where our energetic and emotional habits, thought patterns, belief systems, and so on reside. The energy pattern of a gem directly affects one's emotional and mental energies, and over a period of time this promotes long-lasting changes in a persons  life.

Amit Lamba - Astrologer Jyotish Born and Brought up in Mumbai is a Famous Astrologer and belongs to a traditional Hindu family Based in Mumbai.

My initiative in this divine science started in the year 1992 and Over the period of next 10 years, wherein along with my graduation in Mumbai ,I studied under various stalwarts of this science and thus perfected the art of Jyotish Astrology or Kundli Guidance .

I strongly believe in the Immense power of Astrology and Horoscopes and want to Provide the Horoscope Guidance and Predications for the benefit of my Clients.

Amit Lamba is Based in Chembur Mumbai and is Consulting for Astrology / Jyotish and Horoscope Reading and Consulting for Birth Charts Kundli Guidance for the Past 18 Years to Clients all over India and the World.

Amit Lamba Provides Complete Horoscope Jyotish Consultations as Mentioned Below .

  • Horoscope Guidance for Professional Growth (Job or Business Guidance as Per Horoscope or Kundli.

  • Marriage Horoscope Matching / Kundli Matching

  • Education or Foreign Travels Guidance as Per Horoscope.

  • Health Related Issues or Prediction Based on Horoscope.

  • Gemstone Consultation – Suggesting Lucky Gems as Per Horoscope.

  • Numerology Consulting.

  • Vastu Shasta Consulting for Home / Office / Factories / Restaurants



Aries Ascendant Sign is Full of Creative Energy, This Means you must be Independent, Dominant, and Full of Energy & Always Ready to take an Initiative.
o You have an Impulsive nature , Independent Personality and you are enthusiastic & are fond of everything around you.
o You are more headstrong and determined like a small child, ZIDDI & WANN DO YOUR OWN THING IN LIFE.
o You are Unable to Sit at One Place for Long , You are Fond of Change & Traveling .
o Courageous: Since Mars is the god of war or in the royal family, he is the commander in chief, the predominant quality of Mars.
o Outspoken: The abundance of energy and lack of control on their behavior, make You prone to poke their nose each and everything around You.
o Prompt to react: Your reflexes are pretty strong and they reach very fast to the happening around them.



Taurus Ascendant, This Makes You Medium Height, Sensitive, receptive, Emotional, Fond of Luxuries.  o Taurus Symbolizes procreative Every Taurus Persons are generally Objective & Materialistic. Taureans are full of Desire and Emotions, with High Sensual Activity.
o Taurus Persons are interested in material gains and pursuits. Enjoyment of life to the fullest is a strong attribute of Taurus persons.
o YOU are possessive, stable and fixed in their ways
o You may have certain prejudices and will have strong likes and dislikes. He can communicate well and will easily mix with people of different backgrounds.
o The Symbol of a TAURUS is a BULL Therefore You may like to stay away from any kind of fight and would not budge from their stand unless instigated. However, once instigated, You are difficult to control, just like a Bull.



Gemini Ascendant. This makes you quick-witted, spirited and also a Bit nervous and restless. You may have a wavering mind.
o Fond of writing and reading. You may be Active and tend to become experts in mechanical sciences or Similar work. You may also suffer from nervous breakdown.
o You have an attitude of a child, who has gained consciousness of the surrounding around him. This makes you experience and understand each and everything he can see or feel.
o This is an air sign ruled by Mercury, the planet governing the nervous system. Gemini's Persons like you are Persuasive and communicative in your approach.
o Being one of the fast moving Ascendants it shows changeability in its actions. You lack fixity of purpose and keep jumping over different things. You have the habit of keeping things half done for long, before you resume and complete it.



CANCER Ascendant, You Should be extremely sensitive, inquisitive, nervous and restless, interested in music. You may have a middle sized body, face full, fair complexion, long arms, long face .
o General Tendencies as per Your Birth Chart ., Cancer, the fourth sign of the zodiac, is a water sign, which signifies your highly emotional nature. Being under the sway of the element of water also makes you highly caring, generous and intuitive and easily influenced by external factors.
o Cancerians are fond of change, novelty and traveling. Attached to relatives and home, inclined to public life.
o You May often meet with disappointment in love affairs or Personal Relationships This is a Very Low Area of your Life as You may Not be Good in Personal Relationships .
o You will gain by moving Traveling and Similar work but at the same time you will value your privacy.



LEO Ascendant Sign , This Makes You Straightforward As per your Birth Chart; you Should be a person of Good Stature, well Build, Dignified and having Royal Straights.
o Your Personality makes you Confident, Ambitious, Proud, and Warm with leadership Qualities.
o As per Your Chart You are Confident self-assertive and may have trouble working with others You want to Lay Down Rules for others,
o This sign is described as a lion. The key words are predominance and the self. It is satwik in nature. This Suggests that you may have an ego Problem and you will like being praised but will genuinely be a great organizer.
o A brilliant leader.
o As a LEO person you have the head of an enterprise. You would be more interested in policy decisions, leaving the day to day running of the organization to his subordinates.



VIRGO Ascendant ( KANYA ) which is ruled by Mercury. This makes you very intelligent, thoughtful, sensible and sensitive. You should be Very Clever diplomatic with futuristic approach.
o You have the Capacity to influence others with his depth of knowledge and communication skills.
o You may love traveling. Virgo ascendant native can be impulsive,
o As a Virgo Ascendant Person you may take a long time before arriving at a conclusion. Sometimes you are undecided and nervous.
o Virgo is a dual sign and so Your aspirations and goals keep changing
o This Mercury ruled zodiac sign is a Sign of intelligent and sharp memory and shows good organizational capabilities.
o You can be Perfectionist to the points of being critical, this sign also means a Person possessing an excellent memory.



Libra Ascendant. Persons Born in Libra Ascendant are fair complexion and have a middle-sized stature, Graceful, handsome appearance, broad face, fine eyes, this sign are generally of a sensual disposition.
o You are Fond of Luxuries and All Good Things of Life. You Want to Enjoy Life. You are keen observers of human nature.
o You love justice, peace, order and are agreeable persons. You May Go Bald Sooner compared to Others .. Maybe By Middle age. Libra Persons Loose Hair early in Life.
o You are intelligent, restless, and good-natured with a pleasant disposition. You want to win people over with love and they hate violence, as they are highly sensitive.
o Libra natives have a keen interest in Glamour, Movies and Fashion . Libra's are cautious, confident, interested in learning, gentle and artistic.
o Libra persons have a strong sense of harmony and justice as this is the sign for balance.



Scorpio Ascendant, You should be Extremely Courageous, Sarcastic and impulsive,
o Strong and Forceful in your Attitude.
o Strong Likes and Dislikes.
o A Good Fighter who does not String his Responsibility.
o You will have a generous disposition. You are exceedingly fickle-minded and may love excitement.
o You can be Brutal, at times keenly fond of competition. You possess enterprising Sprit You like to uphold your own views.
o You love to command and rule others; becomes a good and intimate friend after initial hesitation.
o The Biggest Negative Point of Scorpios is you Don't Much Run after Success but You Run after POWER.



Sagittarius Ascendant. It is the ninth sign in the Zodiac and its ruler is Jupiter. It also happens to be the Mool Trikon Rashi (Prime sign) of Jupiter.
o Sagittarius born are God loving, religious and spiritual people. Their approach to life is conservative and businesslike.
o You Like to TRAVEL. You are outgoing and the elemental of Fire. You have Lots of energy and You know what you want and How to get it .
o Sagittarius Ascendant Persons are also Interested in Sports & Physical exercises.
o Sagittarius persons are always optimistic , Visionary , Having many Goals or Targets in Life & hopeful of the future.
o Your thirst for knowledge is never-ending.
o Sagittarius is a dual sign and so decision making is not easy for these people.



Capricorn ( Makar) Ascendant. You should lean prominent stiff hair.
o You have a knack to adapt themselves yourself to circumstances.
o You have great aspirations in life and cannot economize funds.
o The people of Capricorn ascendant do not like interference of other people in their work.
o A Makara Capricorn native is capable of taking quick decisions. Makar Persons have to face lot of obstacles, difficulties & hindrances, but they are capable of overcoming them.
o Capricorn Persons are Generally Non Believers of the Occult
o Capricorn Ascendant Persons Like You comes across as practical, restrained, conservative and reserved.



Aquarius Lagan Ascendant , being a philosophical sign, people born in it become great teachers trainers Consultant.
o You should be generally reserved, & irritable when provoked, generous hearted, highly sympathetic and you are always bent upon helping others.
o They are intelligent, good memory and capable of dealing with facts. independent minded. and you love to command others.
o You can be domineering. You want to have your own way and try your best to get it. You may be secretive. Your Biggest Problems is that You Don't Open yourself to Others and Keeps Things within You.
o You have a tendency to use secret strategy. You are not bound by common moral standards.
o You are prone to anger. You can become easily angered but are soon pacified. You tend to be critical.



Pisces Ascendant. You religious, god fearing, traditional  Jupiter is the ruler for Pisces.
o You want to rise above the common People, this Makes You Over ambitious. You are never satisfied with existing conditions.
o Pisces is associated with self-sacrifice, compassion, and gentleness. You are very happy when you can spend their money to help others and on charitable causes.
o In everyday life, you are born to help others to grow and multiply financially,
o As a Natural Leader You have strong humanistic interest in counseling and advising directing others along various paths.
o You are Fond of Children One possesses a natural affinity for children, teaching,
o Pisces can signify enjoyments and sensitivity. Pisces people are restless and are constantly on the move.