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Amit Lamba is among the Famous Numerologist in Mumbai . Numerology is one of the Most Powerful branch of Astrology which deals with the Science of Numbers and their role in Our Lives . Name Numerology is a Ancient Science of Alphabets Numbers and their significance of a Persons Lives. Numerology is a mystical Ancient science which Helps a Person Understand the strengths and challenges in life Through His Date of Birth , It Also deals with the relationship between numbers and Certain Events in a Persons Life . Numerology is A study of the numerical value of the letters in words, names and How they Effect in a Persons Life . As a Numerology Expert , I can Help you Determine the Role of Numbers in your Life , Lucky Dates Name Change , Name Rectification as Per Your Date of Birth to Help You Lead a Successful Life .


There are Many Different forms or types of Numerology Namely Chaldean Numerology System, Pythagorean system etc But Chaldean System is the older numerology among the most well knows forms of Numerology systems and Chaldean Numerology is considered more accurate, and gives a more accurate and better Results or prognostication and is well used in India by Indian Numerologists.

Numerology is the science of Numbers and Their Influence on Us

Numerology is the science of numbers, Numerology involves simple mathematical calculations. It's more about the personalities of each number, and how each numbers traits alter the flavor of your life depending on where they appear in your personal Numerology.

NUMEROLOGY has been an part of astrology.
Numerology is the study of numbers and Alphabets and their use in daily life.

Numerology is the study of the occult meaning of Numbers and alphabets and their influence on human lives. As a Numerologist , I Begin with your name and birth date. They are the database which provides an insight in your life .

It is Important to understand that the actual purpose of numerology is not to predict the future, but Numerology is used to provide you with keys to explore and discover your own potentials and destinies based on your date of birth and destiny number.

To calculate the numerological value of a name, each letter in the name is converted to its number using the table besides and then added together. The resulting number is reduced to a single digit by adding its digits together.





Numerology for Baby Name.

As per Numerology there is a Strong relationship between numbers and Alphabets , and as per Name Numerology we understand that that the number value of a person's name plays a significant role in their destiny and relationships.

Each number has certain characteristic or behavior pattern associated with it.
As per Name Numerology we believe that you can give your child a great start in life by choosing a Numerologicaly correct name that reflects the positive qualities associated with your Childs date of Birth .

If the New born babies are given names as per numerology this ensures positive vibrations for the baby right from the start and throughout his /her lifetime.

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1 through 9 plus 11 and 22


Areas of  Concern

General Leanings

Practical Expression



Natural leader, self-sufficient, ambitious. Avoid extremes of bossiness, shyness. Too impulsive. Standing out from the crowd. Trying new ideas. Political leadership, celebrity, or small business owner.



Loving, peace- maker, analytical, ideal partner. Hanging back, not speaking up. Stuck on details, lonely. Finding the right relationship. Needs harmony, order. Diplomatic corps, counselor, partner in small business.



Outgoing, joy of life, imaginative, enthusiastic. Fears routine. May lack self-discipline, accomplish little. Energy and ideas in action. Having a good time. Press secretary, party planner, small business promoter.



Works hard, practical, gets things done. Fears downsizing, not having familiar routine. Rigid. Need for security. Develops order out of chaos. Administrator, team player, back office of small business.



Bold, daring, and persuasive. Enjoys the finer things. Restlessness to the point of boredom. Easily side-tracked. To search for new opportunities. Take chances. Try it all. Public figure, media, develop new idea for small business.



Warm, nurturing, and happily dom- estic. Reliable. May end up feeling like a doormat. Can be too opinionated. Taking care of loved ones. Finding safety, comfort. Personal assistant, educator, or caterer to small business.



A deep thinker, spiritually inclined. Unique, eccentric. Too aloof and fears not living up to high standards. A loner. To seek answers to life's questions. Observe. Discover. Analytical field. Or self-employment in small business.



Decisive, forceful, good with money. Accomplished. Often lacks feeling for those who stand in the way of goals. To strive higher, take control, seek power, status. Professional field, or operator of small business franchises.



Inspired, intuitive, creative. Seeks to improve the world. Needs to avoid bad habits, and attend to life's details. To see the "big picture." To dream the dream. Community leader, organize small bus- iness owners.

Business Numerology deals with choosing the best name for the business or Company Name. A Proper Name as per Numerology plays a Very important role and provides positive vibrations. A business name as per Numerology carries a powerful energy that can bring your great improvement and Success in Business and Make you Famous.

The letters and words part of your business determine the destiny of your business. with the Help of Name Numerology you can ensure that your business can attract better leads and thus generating more Business.

As per Numerology the Name of the Owner of the Business or Company along with his business name, gain strength over a period of time thus creating favorable circumstances for your business success. The mutual vibrations of Personal name and Business Name determine the extent of the success of your Business and Helping you Achieve Fame and Status in the Business Community.

As per Business numerology there is a very strong need for the importance of successful brand names to beat competition. Most Successful Businesses have a Famous Brand Name perfected as per Numerology on the Guidance of a Numerologist.
One Important Piece of Research which i have done and observed over the years is that most of the Successful brands are generally adding up to number 1 or Number 3.

CADBURY = 28 = 1 , MICROSOFT = 39 = 3., INFOSYS = 29 = 1 , PARLE = 19 = 1 , TATA = 10 = 1
HERO = 19 = 1

In Order to run a Successful business and to avoid pitfall and get Good Profits One must ensure that you have lucky brand name as per Numerology.
Also If you are not lucky or happy with the Growth of your Brand you better change it.
If you are starting a new Company or a New Brand or Product I will Offer you our Expert guidance for having an Excellent Brand Name as per Numerology to Give you the Best Results.