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Panna is is the Best Gemstone to Strengthen Planet Mercury . Panna Gemstone Also Give a Boost in communication skills with a better, clearer and lucid style of communication to the wearinf of the Panna Gemstone Wearing an Panna ( Emerald) Helps in brings in intellectual progress , Better Communincation Skill , growth of Natural intelligence and a better ability to grasp Knowledge. Panna Can Also be Worn by Persons who by Mind is Restless . Thus this Gemstone Panna will Give them Emotional stability and clarity of thoughts with Proper Decition Making We Provide the Best Quality and Genuine Panna Stones Sealed with Lab Certificate At Wholesale Prices in Mumbai and All over India .

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Emerald Panna  Mumbai Gemstone Birthstone Astrology StonesEmerald or “ PANNA” is a gemstone for The Planet MERCURY.
Emerald is a mineral gemstone and has hardness of 7.5-8 on the Mohr’s Scale. It Has a green luster. panna Gemstone Comes in Different Colors Varying from Dark green to Light Parot Green

Emerald gemstone belongs to the Beryl family of minerals .The Green color in the emerald Gemstone is Due to amounts of chromium and sometimes vanadium .

If Mercury is a Good Important Planet for You , you can wear an Emerald. Students can Also wear an Emerald after analyzing their horoscope to Help Them Improve improve their concentration in studies and Provide them Good education Growth.

The planet Mercury is regarded as the prince among the assembly of nine planets. Mercury is the son of the moon by his wife Rohini. In human body Mercury represents wisdom and voice.


IMPORTANCE OF EMERALD = This Precious gemstone Can be used for academic excellence, concentration, intelligence and educational achievements. Emeralds have long been used for their emotional and mental powers

Gemstones have been used in India since ancient Times .

The science of use of astrology gemstones and birthstones is well documented in Vedic  Astrology Scriptures.

According to Varahamihir, the author of the classical text Brihat Samhita, a gem having a good luster, pure and clean color and no flaws ensures good luck and protection. He however warns that Gem stones with flaws can bring disaster.

There are two options to wearing Gem Stones:

  • Long-tem ( based on the weak planets in your birth chart , Gem stones can assist you to charge up the weakness of any particular planet in your chart) .
  • Short-term. ( based on the Dasa and antar dasa of a particular planet in your chart thus providing relief during period of distress and adversity.

IF YOU NEED TO PURCHASE An ENERGIZED Genuine Certified GEMSTONE FOR YOU , You can call with your correct ( date of birth / Time of Birth / Place of Birth ) and I will sent you Accurate and Authentic details about he Best Gemstone for you to Enhance your Career/ Finance / Marriage / Education & also to Enhance the Quality of your Life .

Gemstone Guidance Report Charges Rs 500 only.

Panna is a Green Color Gemstone to Enhance the Benefits of Planet Mercury .

  • Students or any Person who is Unable to Concentrate in his or her Career or Studies Should wear a Good Quality Panna Gemstone to Help them Improve their Concentration.
  • Mercury is the Planet for Business and Thus Businessmen Can Wear A Panna gemstone to take their business to a next level as it improves analytically and logical power, sharpness of memory, and intellectual power of the wearer
  • Thus This Emerald - Panna Stone Can Help Person Take Rational and Correct Decisions in Life.
  • As Per Numerology Person Born on number 5 , 14 , 23 are Under the Influence of Planet Mercury Thus these Person can Also wear an Emerald.

  • Panna Gemstone is a kind of gemstone should be worn by people who want to seek to amass wealth and are primarily engaged with finances, commission, agencies and marketing sales related Business.
  • Panna Gemstone is Very useful to wear during the major periods of mercury dasa also during the sub periods of mercury dasa.

  • Panna Gemstone Reduces Negative effects like Sleeplessness Insomnia nightmares and evil thoughts are nullified by the use of this gemstone.

The Price Per Ratti or Cost of Panna Gemstone Depends on Various Factors Like , Color , Transparency , Country of Origin Etc .

One can get a Local Panna for As Low as Rs 800 per Ratti and the Price can Go Upto Rs 5000 per Ratti for a God Quality Zambian Panna .

To Buy a Genuine Panna Call Now - 9819015736.

Question =  What is the difference between Astrological Gemstones and Stones that we get from a neighborhood jewelers ? 
Answer =
As per Vedic Astrology one should only wear gemstones based on our horoscope or Birth chart  recommendations . Randomly buying a gemstone from any jeweler or shop and wearing does more harm than good.  All gemstone only give result when worn after the pran pratishta done of the Ring in the name of wearer of the gemstone. Very Importantly the Gemstone must be a Virgin gemstone ( Not used by anyone earlier ) . 

Question =  How can a Stone  help me?
Answer =
Gemstone is a stone which are mined from deep under the earth’s surface and have immense amount of energy stored in them. The gemstone works as a conductor of cosmic energy in the same way as a solar energy panel. The right gemstones will absorb the required amount of cosmic energy and will be absorbed by your Body . A persons  body cells constantly absorb these cosmic energies and the gemstones work as a conductors .  

Question =  How and when  can I feel the effects .? How does it work? .
Answer =
 When you wear a Proper gemstone as per your Horoscope ( Birth Chart )  you can feel a great amount of balance your thinking. Thus when our thinking is balanced  we take proper decisions and thus we improve the chances of success in our lives.  

Question = Why do I need to wear the  gemstones only as per my Horoscope or Birth chart ?
Answer = As an Astrologer I can look at your  Horoscope find your strengths and weaknesses and thus an Astrologer can Recommend the Best one or 2 gemstones which are  most important to you to Strengthen your  weak Planets in the Horoscope.

Question = What differences will I feel after wearing a Gemstone
Answer =  Over the Past 15 Years of my Practice , I have received 1000s of my clients giving me Extremely positive feedback for the Gemstone I have suggested and Provided to them  The Best way to Explain the Results are  positive attitude towards people, people will think more positively of you, less cynical reactions, more tolerance and calmness, improvement in relationship and family matters, improvement in income, improvement in Career

Question = How Soon can I Expect the results after wearing the gemstone ?
Answer =
Different People get results within Different time periods .  One Must have a Rational approach towards Astrology and gemstone. GEMSTONES WILL NEVER MAKE YOU RICH AND SUCCESSFUL OVERNIGHT. NEITHER CAN GEMSTONES CHANGE YOUR DESTINY. One should understand that when your  time is very bad then the  improvements will be slow and in a moderate level. If a person Invests in an Excellent  quality  Genuine Certified gemstone, then you can see the differences within 30 to 40 days . You will notice the positive results. If you Invests in an economical or a Low cost gemstone, the results may take about 120 day to 180 days in order to notice significant changes. 

Question =. How will I come to know my right Gemstones as per my Horoscope.?
Answer =
You can Consult me . I Just need your Name and your date / time and Place of Birth to make your Horoscope  and help you with the Best Gemstone for you as per your horoscope. 

Gemstone do not have to be beautiful in appearance THERE IS NOT A SINGLE NATURAL GEMSTONE IN THE WORLD WITHOUT A FLAW.