NUMEROLOGY For Date of birth 6th , 15TH , 24TH

TODAY  We try to understand the Influence of Numerology for Fate of Birth  6TH , 15TH 24TH   OF ANY MONTH .

Number 6 Represents Venus.  Persons born on 6th are generally born with a charming personality and lead very comfortable lives.

Persons born on 6th are righteous, dignified and very humble. They are very interested in Fine arts and all good things life has to offer. They only desire is to live happily and enjoy all the worldly pleasures.

Number 6 Represents Venus.  As Per Hindu Mythology VENUS is the Teacher or Guru of Demons and You People will Only Do Penance or Worship God for the Motive of Achieving Some Personal Gains Only.

 Also Its Important to Note that’s If You have Number 6 as Your Destiny Number Too Then The Favourable Influence of VENUS Gets More Stronger and Importantly if Your Name Number adds to Number 6 Then You will have a Prosperous Life and Derive Best Benefits from Numerology .

NUMEROLOGY For Date of birth 6 15 and 24 th . LUCKY Numbers & Dates  for Persons Born on 6TH , 15TH 24TH   OF ANY MONTH

 are    6th , 15th and 24th .  9th 18th and 27 are also Lucky.

Your  UN-LUCKY  Numbers & Dates     are    3 , 12, 21 , 30th , You should also avoid 5, 14 and 23.

LUCKY COLORS: White is lucky for you.

UN-LUCKY COLORS:  BLACK and Dark Green is Unlucky color for you.

GEMSTONES : The Best gemstone for you is DIAMOND OR OPAL.

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