A House Number 4 house is a Challenging House Because the influence can be very overpowering.

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House Number 4 Houses often produces a strong sense of frustration because it pulls in two directions.

Only persons with a Very Strong positive Nature and Vibes will be able to find peace of mind and tranquillity in a number 4 house.

Number 4 Houses can bring bigger upheavals and more disruptions than any other number, and more often happen through circumstances beyond one’s control.

Many Times its Noticed that Person living in a number 4 house can be found to have completely different points of view and neither will give way to the other.

People who live in a number 4 house will have to work very hard to Achieve Their Goals .

The 4 home can attract financial or relationship problems so Ideally

Number 4 House People Should have gardens and a brightly-coloured front door to Disperse the Negativity .

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NUMEROLOGY For Date of birth 6th , 15TH , 24TH

TODAY  We try to understand the Influence of Numerology for Fate of Birth  6TH , 15TH 24TH   OF ANY MONTH .

Number 6 Represents Venus.  Persons born on 6th are generally born with a charming personality and lead very comfortable lives.

Persons born on 6th are righteous, dignified and very humble. They are very interested in Fine arts and all good things life has to offer. They only desire is to live happily and enjoy all the worldly pleasures.

Number 6 Represents Venus.  As Per Hindu Mythology VENUS is the Teacher or Guru of Demons and You People will Only Do Penance or Worship God for the Motive of Achieving Some Personal Gains Only.

 Also Its Important to Note that’s If You have Number 6 as Your Destiny Number Too Then The Favourable Influence of VENUS Gets More Stronger and Importantly if Your Name Number adds to Number 6 Then You will have a Prosperous Life and Derive Best Benefits from Numerology .

NUMEROLOGY For Date of birth 6 15 and 24 th . LUCKY Numbers & Dates  for Persons Born on 6TH , 15TH 24TH   OF ANY MONTH

 are    6th , 15th and 24th .  9th 18th and 27 are also Lucky.

Your  UN-LUCKY  Numbers & Dates     are    3 , 12, 21 , 30th , You should also avoid 5, 14 and 23.

LUCKY COLORS: White is lucky for you.

UN-LUCKY COLORS:  BLACK and Dark Green is Unlucky color for you.

GEMSTONES : The Best gemstone for you is DIAMOND OR OPAL.

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Numerology Date of birth 5th

THE POWER OF NUMBERS – Date of birth 5th . 14th , 23rd 

This Week . We try to understand the Influence of Numerology on Persons born on the 5th , 14th , 23rd  of any Month.

Number 5 Represents Mercury . 

QUALITIES: Persons born on 5th are also very hasty in their decision making and may suffer due to this. They get attracted to persons very easily and so they sometimes face problems in Love life.

Most of the persons born on 5th are Attracted to making money fast and therefore do not want to do any physical work , which involves traveling or Physical Stress. They look for Easy money and want to lead a good lifestyle. Physically they may not seem to work , but their mind is constantly    exploring and planning new proposals.

number 5Religious Importance of Number 5. 

  • There are (5) five sacred Sikh symbols prescribed by Guru Gobind Singh are commonly known as Panj Kakars or the ‘Five Ks’ because they start with letter K representing Kakka in the Punjabi language. They are: Kesh (unshorn hair), Kangha (the comb), Kada ( bracelet), Kachh (the soldiers shorts), and Kirpan (the sword).
  • There are five basic “pillars” of Islam. Five Pillars of Islam is the term given to the five duties incumbent on every Muslim. These duties are Shahadah (profession of faith), Salah (ritual prayer 5 times a day), Zakah (tax on the communtiy), Sawm (fasting during Ramadan), and Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca). Muslims pray to Allah five times a day.
  • In FENG-SHUI , There are five elements of nature (water, fire, earth, wood and metal).
  • In Vastu-Shastra There are five elements of nature Space (Akasa) , Air (Vayu) , Water (Jala), Fire (Agni) , Earth (Prithvi) . 

Your  LUCKY DATES  are    5th , 9th , 14th , 18th , 23rd, 27th .

LUCKY COLORS: Light Blue , Grey , Light Green. 

UN-LUCKY COLORS:  BLACK is unlucky for you.

GEMSTONES : The Best gemstone for you is EMERALD OR PANNA.

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Numerology for Number 3 – Date of birth 3 ( Three)

Numerology for Number 3 – Date of birth 3 ( Three).

Numerology for Number 3 . Numerology is the science of the occult meaning of Numbers and the powerful influence they have on our lives. Every person on this planet is born on a certain date, & its number plays a very important role in his or hers life. One must not forget that we are ourselves responsible for our failures and success and if we understand our selves better i.e the positive and negative influences of Astro-numerology in our lives, this helps you to be in line with what nature has in store for you, thus making success eminent and with lesser obstacles.

This Week . We try to understand the Influence of Numerology on Persons born on the 3rd  (Third ) of any Month.

In Numerology The Number THREE Symbolizes the Planet Jupiter. It’s a Number which also symbolizes Energy and Liveliness. Persons Born on Date 3 have excellent psychic powers and

Numerology NUmber 3
Numerology NUmber 3

a tremendous power of Intuition. They will achieve much more success, if along with their occupation; they involve themselves in some charitable or religious activity. Life is generally Smooth and comfortable for persons born on 3rd. They achieve high position or office in the later stage of their life and , people hold them in High esteem.

QUALITIES: Persons born on 3rd are generally hard working and passionate and complete any responsibility entrusted upon them.  They Give respect and also want respect in return. Also These persons are generally patriotic and Devoted towards their parents or family at large and they may not hesitate to sacrifice their welfare for the welfare of their family. I may also add that these persons are also very Charitable by nature.

I have also noticed that most of the Persons born on 3 , Move into Education , training or Consultancy related field . 

Your  LUCKY DATES  are    3 , 9 , 12 , 18 , 21 , 27 and 30.

Positive  Changes can be expected on 1st  , 10th and 19th of any Month.

UNLUCKY DATES :  6 , 15 and 24 are not Lucky for you. 

COMPATIBILITY NUMBERS: Number  2 . 3 and 9 are compatible for you. 

LUCKY COLORS: Orange / Yellow / Pink or any light colours are your lucky colors. 

UN-LUCKY COLORS:  Blue and Black are your unlucky colors. 

GEMSTONES : The Best gemstone for you is Pukhraj or its Substitutes. 


  • Mel Gibson = Hollywood Action hero = 3rd Jan 1956.
  • Alexander Grahem Bell = Invented the Phone = 3rd March 1847.

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